Mobile Service

Cornerstone is a registered charity

Registered Number 1157440

Telephone: 01985 220657




Volunteers are  equipped with: Mobile internet, Mobile printing, Mobile phone and a heart for helping others.

Mobile Cornerstone is a service designed for those in our community who find it difficult to travel to our Warminster town centre location because of a lack of mobility.  Typically, this might be due to a physical disability or lack of transport, especially in the more isolated villages and hamlets. 

The Cornerstone volunteers will undertake a home visit once a request for assistance has been received (home visits usually on Wednesdays).

Revised visit policy:

In addition to individual home visits, the Mobile Cornerstone team will undertake visits to the following locations only when requested: 

St Johns Hospital Haytesbury

Codford Community Centre    

Maiden Bradley Friday coffee morning 

Warminster Community Hospital

Home visits can be arranged by either the person requiring help or by someone close to them; for instance, relative, close friend, or health care professional.


Simply click on the arrowed box that appears top right of visit request form. Then select print icon top right of screen and print using your normal pc settings.   Or if unable to do this, simply call the Cornerstone office on 01985 220657 – a visit request form will need to be completed and signed at the start of the first home visit.

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